Over the last 10 years we have aggressively treated a majority of the southern portion of our District. We have accomplished major grassland restoration through various projects, partnering with AZGF, ASF, Apache County, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, as well as special National Water Quality Initiatives (NWQI) through the Environmental Quality Initiative Program (EQUIP) under NRCS.
We have been able to treat conservation on  a landscape scale by finding funding avenues that will work for those specific resource concerns. We have acquired funding from WPF to work on riparian restoration practices on the LCR in conjunction with the AZGF, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and producers along the river. We have also partnered with ADEQ and their water quality grants focusing on sediment basin repairs/ cleanup, bank sloping projects, fencing projects, water developments, and soil erosion head cuts. In total, we have accomplished, or are currently working on $600,000+ worth of funding from WPF and close to $800,000 from ADEQ, in addition to our $2+ million on brush management from the NRCS and AZFG.

Arizona Conservation Partnership


Water Protection Fund Grant

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Grant