The Apache Natural Resource Conservation District

The lands within the Apache NRCD range from some of the highest elevations in Arizona in the White Mountains down into the semi-arid grasslands in the northern portion of the District. It includes the headwaters of rivers flowing into the most important river systems in Arizona: the Little Colorado, Salt River, and San Francisco River.  


Land Use in Apache

Agriculture, mainly ranching, is an important industry in the District and neighboring areas. Most ranches operate on a mixture of private, State, BLM, Forest Service, and other land ownerships. Livestock are often grazed in the high mountains in the summer and on lower grasslands during the winter. Hunting, fishing, skiing, and other outdoor recreation are also major contributors to the local economy.

What is a Conservation District?

  • Organized and operated under the provisions of ARS Title 37, Chapter 6
  • Managed by a Board of Supervisors elected by local landowners
  • A local government body authorized to identify and address the resource conservation needs of the District
  • The local experts for voluntary conservation planning, prioritization, education, and technical assistance
  • Conservation partner to all landowners- Private, State and local Governments, Tribal, Federal, and Non – Profits
  • Covering every acre of Arizona.